Indiana Health Insurance Costs: Ways to Combat the Price

Saturday 26 June 2010 - Filed under Indiana Health Insurance

Most people think of trips to the doctors office for severe colds or annual physicals when they think what they get for their Indiana health insurance costs. The price is so high for how little they use it, is also a common thought. But often times a person can save money by restructuring their plan and covering the minor events themselves. A $35 dollar office visit copay may sound like its saving you money, but what you are paying for that right is often far more than if you payed the entire network discounted rate on your own.

If you visit a doctor in your network, you can expect to pay 50 to 70 dollars after the network discount is applied. Not much different than the $35 copay, especially if you visit the doctor infrequently. Health insurance costs can be combated many ways without sacrificing coverage. Health savings accounts are very popular and can be a great money saving tool for many people buying Indiana health insurance from private companies. For more information and a HSA/Copay comparisonvisit

These plans incorporate a thinking that health insurance’s purpose is to protect you from catastrophe and get you back on the road to good health should something major occur. By implementing a large deductible and covering small issues out of pocket, a person can find significant savings by utilizing this style of plan, more than 6 million Americans are already using this form of coverage.

There are other ways to shave money off your monthly health insurance costs. Things like health fairs offer a wealth of money saving services. Child immunizations, high blood pressure tests, cholesterol tests and much more are available in nearly every community. Check your local hospitals website for a schedule of services and dates. Along those lines, many doctors can offer you samples of medication at no cost to you. They can also prescribe generic drugs when available, the majority of which can be filled at Walmart for $4. For more cost saving ideas and information about Indiana health insurance visit

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